About MBC

MyBadComputer.com is mostly about technology.  It is a place that is in evolution, like the technologies it features.  Is it about technology? Yes.  Is it about privacy? Yes.  Is it about anonymity? Yes.  It is about other things like encryption, cryptocurrency and computer security.  And, it's also about freedom...the freedom to choose to use technology to protect yourself, your privacy, your freedom of speech and ideas.  Technology provides wonders of data gathering, to be used for good or ill purpose.  It often provides location information.  It may even be being used to spy upon you, not only by authorities, government entities and such, but also by private parties, corporations, companies, hackers, and even the average Joe.  So MBC is the offspring of old ideas that still constitute the truth.  That your life and property is yours...you own it.

MyBadComputer.com, is affliliated with Computer Alternatives, LLC in Snowflake Arizona.

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