Online Anonymity

Online Anonymity Workshop Lesson 1 - Whonix

This is a lesson that I came across while searching the net.  A lot of content that I post will be from other sources and not original to myself.  A lot, but not all.  But when I see something, that is done well, and really helps a user with privacy, and anonymity, I want to share it with them.  So, to that end I present to you a really great 2-part series on the awesome Whonix, and how it can provide a user with a great cloak of protection.  Especially when it is combined with other tools we will be featuring on this page.  Hope you enjoy the video’s.  Feel fr

Online Anonymity Workshop Lesson 2 - Whonix, VPNGate, and AdvOR

This is part 2 of the Online Anonymity Workshop.  Again, it is brought to you via  Bri Y the PC Guy at youtube.  Basically part 2 extends the functionality of part 1 for whonix, and further enhances security by preventing DNS leaks, that might reveal you.  For some of you, the material in these two lessons, might be beyond what you know how to do, as some of this is complex to people unfamiliar with the concepts