Online Anonymity Workshop Lesson 2 - Whonix, VPNGate, and AdvOR

This is part 2 of the Online Anonymity Workshop.  Again, it is brought to you via  Bri Y the PC Guy at youtube.  Basically part 2 extends the functionality of part 1 for whonix, and further enhances security by preventing DNS leaks, that might reveal you.  For some of you, the material in these two lessons, might be beyond what you know how to do, as some of this is complex to people unfamiliar with the concepts of networking, vpns, and virtual machines.  So, you might wonder why I would begin with an advanced concept like this, rather than take more gradual steps.  Well, the answer is, that the learning curve of any concept is different for every individual.  Also, I intend on describing other methods, not so advanced, that less computer savvy users can implement later on.  However, this series concept is a way of providing extremely comprehensive anonymity, that being the goal of the workshops.   I put the most compete type of anonymity first, in the hopes that users who wish to try, may come back here to ask other users to help them.  And, I would hope that other users who are successful would help...that being the goal of as a community. Download Whonix



Anonymized Internet with Whonix, VPNGate, and AdvOR